Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ken Lindsay...Continued

Art History Professor Ken Lindsay, author of Kandinsky: The Complete Writings on Art
passed away in March. He was 89. Last weekend there was a memorial celebration at Binghamton University where he taught, but I could not attend. I took his "Kandinsky Seminar" as a first graduate level course. An amazing class.
This Joe Ciardiello -esque illustration is a response to his passing. He encouraged my art making. He was a giant of sorts (literally and figuratively). We exchanged Christmas cards every year. He was always so happy to receive original art from me. Once, in the middle of a very cold February, cane in hand, he braved the icy weather with his wife, to come to the opening of a small exhibit I had. I was flabbergasted! His wonderful wife Christine is an accomplished musician and plays harpsichord. The quote in the illustration is from Kandinsky's "Concerning the Spiritual in Art" which was an important book for me. Here is a video interview that was done about how he came to Binghamton University (formerly Harper College)....still passionate...still lively...I will miss him....miss bumping into him at the bank and the grocery store. But mostly I'll miss his kind, thoughtful, and encouraging words, whenever we would meet. "So, what are you doing with all that creativity?" he would ask.......He was one of the very few people I have known who sensed what I as a artist, was trying to accomplish.

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