Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Monoprinting on Handmade Paper

Good day. My annual summer jaunt to Norwich to make paper with June Tyler at Pondside Pulp and Paper had a new twist this year....monoprinting on the handmade paper we made! I made 8-10 sheets of handmade paper in the morning for printing on from a variety of pulps-kozo, blue jean, flax, and gampi. Because of the fibers, the paper is very strong even though it is thin. June advises that flax and blue jean pulps are better for woodcuts and relief printing, whereas the kozo and gampi are better for monoprints. We used Golden Open Acrylics , a new acrylic paint developed by Golden that stays wet longer, making it perfect for monoprinting. These were experimental prints. More printing tomorrow...

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