Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I know. Christmas is over but this drawing of Santa with his list had been on my desk since before Christmas and I just couldn't get to it and wanted to finish it. Let's just say it was on my list. I am doing a hand colored watercolor also, but wanted to see it in Illustrator. I love Illustrator for experimenting with color combinations. I was inspired by Q Cassetti's series of nutcrackers. I am thinking that "Santaland" could make a nice series and would give me more opportunities to experiment in Illustrator. I do like imagining what Santaland might look like. I really have to keep thinking "series" as that is what the thesis will be...but the content is morphing daily as I think about it. All the lists I made back in December are shorter now and am crossing things off slowly but surely. Lists save me.

The lake effect snow comes and goes and is filling up the yard. The days have been so so grey that I think that is another reason I wanted to work in brighter colors today. I am also getting closer to launching a new website with gallery and blog on Squarespace. Very exciting:)


Chad Grohman said...

Love the beard.

Amy C said...

what a sweet jolly chap.
Happy 2010 to you!