Monday, October 13, 2008

Handmade Paper

One of several pieces of my handmade paper that will be on display at Starbucks downtown Ithaca, NY during month of November. Here is June Tyler in her papermaking studio (Pondside Pulp and Paper) in Norwich, NY where I go every summer to make paper. Her summer workshops are wonderful. This piece was made during a "Big Paper" workshop where the paper pulp (artemesia) was sprayed onto sheets in thin layers with inclusions of twigs, leaves,
green cotton and recycled coffee filters.

Some interesting links for you. Oil paintings by artist Csilla Sadloch. Wool felt dolls and pincushions by Mimi Kirchner. More dolls by Tracy Gallup. Some Youtube videos on papermaking

1 comment:

Candy Bello said...

nice paper!! love it! One of these days I'll make my own!