Wednesday, January 14, 2009

IF: Contained

This is a repost of this illustration...time is short. Straight watercolor in the first one and in the second one I added white acrylic ink.
"Pastured Poultry is raising chickens in a natural grass environment. Chickens are either contained in moveable houses, or are allowed to range freely out of open, mobile coops. These arrangements protect the birds from predators while allowing them to eat grass and bugs. These types of coops are frequently moved to supply a fresh source of forage." (from KD Poultry farm)


Rui Sousa said...

Beautiful Chickens! really nice work!

ellis.illus said...

nice watercolour and real swift job done on the chicken :-) i like your style *chapeau*

Bron Smith said... certainly have the touch. Your drawing sense and rendering ability really shows through your work.