Friday, January 16, 2009

IF: Pale

x alba 'Alba Semiplena'
Literally "white roses", derived from R. arvensis and the closely allied R. alba. These are some of the oldest garden roses, probably brought to Great Britain by the Romans. The shrubs flower once yearly in the spring with blossoms of white or pale pink. The shrubs frequently feature gray-green foliage and a climbing habit of growth . (Wikipedia)
This was done during a botanical painting class at Cornell Plantations at Cornell University with Camille Doucet. You can see Cami's work here.

Medium: Watercolor with colored pencil, 2008
Type: Bruques Script


Graham McArthur said...

Nice typography, good painting.

Owl Eng said...

very beautiful!!

Vicki Smith said...

so very lovely!

ellis.illus said...

perfect watercolour and nice typo.