Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Irish "Lucky" Shamrock (Oxalis acetosella)

Received this shamrock plant from a good friend! Hope it brings me good luck:) I once gave one to a friend who was gravely ill in the hospital, and he did get better:) He and his wife sent me photos year's later of how big it had grown. Go here for more history and legends about this lucky plant.

Previously out of print, but now thanks to BookSurge on Amazon, "Only the River Runs Free: Northern Ireland, The Women's War" is now available again! An amazing story... worth a read if you are at all interested in knowing more about "The Troubles" in Northern Ireland. Gave all new meaning to my Irish heritage:)

Favorite Irish music: Mary Black Collected. Song for Ireland and there's a lullaby on this CD called "Mo Ghile Mear". A close source tells me it was a song that Bobby Sands (One of the blanket men ( hunger strike in Brit prison 1981) sang to his fellow blanket men (their request) during the strike)....

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