Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kitchen Gardens

I love to cook. Two years ago I was itching for a kitchen garden. Just something small, nearby where I could harvest fresh herbs and salad stuff. I had only a narrow southern-exposed strip of earth that was home to some overgrown shrubs. So, I felt compelled to create something out of nothing. Last year I had cherry tomatoes, all varieties of small lettuces, basil, lavender, oregano, thyme (wonderful thyme!) A summer's worth of fresh salad convinced me it was worth the work. Johnny's Seeds were highly recommended to me. This year I will be harvesting my first garlic. It is a very small but satisfying space...a continual work in progress ( will be working on training roses up a trellis this year). The bluish colored stuff in the raised beds is "green sand" which will be worked into the soil and I'm schooling myself about composting. The biggest hurdle will be DEER!!
I was so happy to hear about the White House's new Kitchen Garden promoted over the years by Chez Panisse's Alice Waters. You can read her reaction to it here ( a reporter tracked her down in an orange grove). In addition, I admire her "Edible Schoolyard". She is cultivating a food-intelligent new generation. The woman just makes me smile:)
What would YOU plant?

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