Wednesday, December 9, 2009

In the spirit...

The snow was wonderful this morning. Just the right kind for snowmen, but too heavy for shoveling. This is the time of year I start knitting and sewing. Made these two gifts with socks, gloves and this great book.

Pulling Christmas out of the basement. Last year after the holidays, when prices were being slashed, I ordered this gingerbread house. It has been in a box in the basement all year. Today, I opened it! It was like having an early Christmas! Of course this is the no bake variety, but if you like gingerbread, here is the ultimate gingerbread website

I really love Scandinavian design. Here is some nice fabric. Here are some examples of the Stig Lindberg collection of fabrics from Ljungbergs textiltryck. He created these playful patterns in the 1950's. Nice.

Some more links.
legendary blankets from Hudson Bay....

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