Monday, November 10, 2008

Field Trip to Lab of O

Drawing at Cornell Lab of Ornithology and CUMV (Cornell Museum of Vertebrates) today with fellow GNSI (Fingerlakes Chapter) members. Take a virtual tour here... a veritable treasure trove of natural history specimens here. It was a bit overwhelming...where to start?? Settled on a watercolor study of a pin-tailed widow (wydah) exotic bird commonly found in southern Africa named for it's mostly black plummage and really long tail used to attract a mate. I totally underestimated the length of his tail...think I just ran out of paper...Came up for air and lunch (yum) to go from Hope's Way Cafe & Catering. Ate our lunch in the lobby of Lab of O where you can sit and watch the squirrels, nuthatches, canada geese, black-capped chickadees....and a dozen more, or so, birds play and eat together around the feeders, through the enormous ceiling to floor glass windows. Snow was gently was quite beautiful.

Wild Birds Unlimited has a nice shop there and a big selection of books. Here is one I liked called "An Egg is Quiet" by award winning artist Sylvia Long. Looking forward already to our next visit.

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