Wednesday, November 19, 2008

wine label design & illustration

Stocking up on wine for the holidays. Hardly an expert, I sometimes pick wine because of the label and hope that it's a good wine. Here is some wine label art that I found to add to my collection. It seems that illustrated labels for wine companies are " scarce as hen's teeth" as my mother used to say. But these really caught my eye.

About the "Cycles Gladiator"(2006 Merlot Central Coast)...the label reads..."The invention of the bicycle ushered in a new spirit of freedom during the late nineteenth century. The Golden Age of Cycling reached its pinnacle in 1895- that same year French printer G. Massias unveiled one of the great Parisian art posters advertising a fashionable new bicycle: "Cycles Gladiator". His mythological image of the winged bicycle captures the stylish grace, beauty, and unfettered freedom of our hillside vineyards. Let Cycles Gladiator whisk you away for the ride of your life."
(This was actually a really good wine!! and you can buy the poster here) Cycles Gladiator Wines Participate In Cycling

About "The Smoking Loon"( 2006 California Chardonnay)...the label reads ..."Besides his bein' kinda crazy, they called him the Smoking Loon cause he was so damn efficient," Jake began, stubbing out his cigar. "he'd take care of business an ' get in an' out before anybody seen him comin'...leavin no trace 'cept the lingering sound of his eerie, loon-like cackle. No one was really sure who he was or who he worked for, but when word got out somebody needed his services, the Smoking Loon just appeared on their doorstep, like outta thin air or somethin'." Here is another illustrated label on the Smoking Loon website that is humorous called "Plungerhead" by The Other Guys. Actually this company seems to have their sense of humor in their back pocket.

About "Toasted Head" (2006 California Chardonnay)...the label reads..." Aromas of vanilla spiced pear and nectarine are complemented by tropical fruit, and toasty oak notes. Rich and creamy in texture, with ample acidity and a long soft finish. The mystery and wry humor of the fire-breathing bear, along with serious winemaking captures the Toasted Head state of mind." There is even more explanation on their website.

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Linda Warner Constantino said...

I was researching wine labels because I have been commissioned to design and illustrate a wine label.I am psyched about my project because it is an Italian Wine and I love Italy. There are endless wine label on the web, I have found.
I came across your blog and see you are attending the MFA Illustration program at the UOFH. I am a graduate of that program. It was great. I love Murray and Carol. I wish you the best in your studies.