Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Seed Wreath and SOI


I hung the new seed wreath I got at Lab of O giftshop. I guess just in time for the snow and hungry visitors. Here tufted titmouse (there were around 5 of them taking turns) and a woodpecker go at it.

Visited the Society of Illustrators in NYC last week and sat in with a group of students in the MFA program in Illustration at University of Hartford. Zina Saunders and Joe Ciardiello gave presentations. I'm a new fan of Zina's...she is one amazing illustrator. I especially love her series called Overlooked New York Her website is here. Joe has been on my list of favorites for a long time...never thought I would ever get to meet him and ask him questions about his process. His portraits in pen and ink and watercolor grace the covers of the NY Times Book Review and dozens of other publications. I especially like his musician series. I also finally got to meet Q. Cassetti and Chad Grohman who I have mentioned before (students in the MFA program) who were very encouraging ( and I got to peek at their sketchbooks)....and meeting Carol and Murray (Program directors) was like finally meeting a lost and very dear Aunt and Uncle. Thank You for this wonderful experience!! Now to work....

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