Saturday, December 6, 2008

Print Gocco

Done with my print gocco silkscreening machine. It is amazing how much detail you can get.
I am still experimenting with 2 and more colors. It's fun, small scale silkscreening without all the mess of traditional silkscreening. I got mine here. A video called "the Printing of Sia's Village" for you too:) It shows part of the process. There are many other videos about print gocco on YouTube, so if you are interested, go there.

UPDATE: Here is a better link to purchase but I think they are sold out of the PG-5. It is still a good resource for supplies

1 comment:

ellis.illus said...

gocco! i've read about this thing, but it's impossible to put my hands on one sadly *sigh*

thanks for the link to youtube!