Thursday, December 4, 2008

Watercolor: Less is more

A fictional landscape done very quickly with just a few washes. Sometimes, with watercolor, I think less is more. I love the late watercolor landscapes of Cezanne. Your eye just fills in the blank spaces and completes the picture. There is a Cezanne exhibit coming to the Philadelphia Museum of Art next February. What a nice gift that would be! Tickets are on sale now for what has been described as a "once in a generation opportunity".

Just received an update from Helen Hiebert about her new film. I watched the trailer (link below)and it is wonderful (if you like papermaking, that is:) Even if you don't, it's pretty cool.

Hello Friends,

I’m pleased to announce that my film, Water Paper Time, is now available
on-line through You can watch a trailer and purchase a DVD at:

Please note that there are two versions: for home use and for educational
use. The only difference at this point is the price. In the near future,
you will also be able to download the film instead of acquiring a DVD (if
you are interested in this, inquire at Filmbaby - it is in their hands now).

Have a lovely, peaceful, and joyful holiday season!

Helen Hiebert


嘿嘿 said...

Nice Blog

ellis.illus said...

*wow* just watched that helen hiebert snippet and i guess my mouth is still open ... thanks! actually i came here because i was attracted by "less is more" in watercolor - i can only agree. i think the most important part of a watercolor is not the color, but the creation of "open" spaces ... i love watercolor for it's semi-controllability - i guess that's why i was so fascinated with helen hiebert's little trailer!

thanks for making me come to this page :-)